Andy Kennedy is a motion and sound artist based in Brooklyn NY. Working in a range of techniques including CG, Cel Animation and Stop Motion, Andy creates interactive installations and experimental films.

Since 2003 he has been working as a freelancer directing and animating everything from children’s cartoons to music videos to ads.

Studios include: Buck, Aardman Nathan Love, Psyop, Mixtape Club, Charlex, Not To Scale, Firstborn, Electric Company, Brand New School, Nickelodeon, Hornet, Studio Nos, Hopr, Taylor James, Thornberg and Forester, Transistor, Shilo

Clients include: Google, Amazon, Seamless, Casper, Chibani, Sony, 7-up, Bank Of America, UNICEF, VH1, NYU Langone, Nest, They Might Be Giants